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Cobra iRadar - Radar Laser Detector for iPhone, iPad and Android Cobra iRadar for iPhone, iPad and Cobra iRadar for Android. For full review of Cobra iRadar: ...

Find My Car for Android

Get the app free on Google Play at: Essence 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a ...

BEST RADAR! Demonstration of (V-1) Valentine One Police Radar Detector

here is a quick demo of my V-1 radar detector in action. i wasnt really planning on making this video, but it just started going off and i happened to have my ...

Car Finder!

Created on February 20, 2009 using FlipShare.

Car Finder Scotland - iPhone App TV AD

Car Finder Scotland - iPhone App TV AD

XTR-140 Radar Detector gets unmarked police car

My Whistler XTR-140 detecting an unmarked police car. This is my first upload. Thanks for watching.

Sally Park iPhone App Demo

The best car finder for iPhone ever. With Sally Park you can easily find your car any time with your iPhone.

Navmii Navfree Review

For our full review of the Navmii Navfree visit: The iPhone now has a decent free sat-nav app ...

Tracker Sticker - Official Video ( Tracker Stickers are only 0.16 Inches (4.1mm) thin. With a compatible size, Tracker Tracker can be easily stuck on to many items.

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